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Mount Hagen is not only home to one of the oldest and most spectacular cultural shows, the annual Hagen Cultural Show, you can also find extensive coffee and tea plantations, as well as local tribes to visit in the surrounding area. Popular tribes to visit include; Diugl Village and the Mindima skeleton dancers.

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Goroka is in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea and is also home to an array of coffee and cocoa (chocolate) plantations. One of the highlights of Goroka is the ability to visit the local Asaro Mudmen tribe. Goroka also hosts its annual cultural festival in September, the Goroka Festival.

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The Sepik is one of the most intriguing adventure destinations on Earth, and the longest river in Papua New Guinea, at 1,126 kilometres. The Sepik is extremely remote and can only be accessed by boat, be it traditional canoe or luxury vessel. The banks of the Sepik are also home to one of the world’s most infamous cultural ceremonies, the crocodile initiation ceremony and the Ambunti Crocodile Festival.

Fly to: Wewak or Madang

Boat trip:

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Climb one of the seven summits

At 4,509m, Mount Wilhelm is not only the highest mountain in Papua New Guinea, but is also the highest point in all of Oceania. Despite its height, Mount Wilhelm is actually the country’s most accessible mountain to climb. Usually a 3-4 day hike including overnight stays at camps/villages along the way, the expedition will find you crossing rivers, climbing through moss forests, alpine grasslands and glacial valleys. If you’re lucky you’ll get to spot some of the beautiful birds of paradise. Generally groups will summit before sunrise to truly enjoy the view out to the north coast and surrounding valleys.

Fun fact: For those looking for an extra challenge, trekkers can even hike from Mount Wilhelm to the seaside town of Madang, to enjoy a relaxing finish to all of the walking!

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Trek Oceania’s highest volcano

Papua New Guinea’s second highest mountain, Mount Giluwe (4,367m), is part of a volcanic massif. The original volcano on the site of Mount Giluwe formed roughly 650,000–800,000 years ago, probably as a stratovolcano of similar height to the current peak. One of the Volcanic Seven Summits of the world, the usually five-day trek passes through vast grassland and alpine landscapes.

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Partake in an Aussie rite of passage

Trekking world-famous Kokoda is not only 96km physical endurance challenge, it’s also a spiritual journey retracing the footsteps of the thousands of Aussie Diggers who were killed or injured defending Australia. Tours range from 6-12 days based on speed and fitness levels, and trekkers can also choose to trek from Poppendetta to Owers Corner or trek the reverse route.

DID YOU KNOW: Visitors to Papua New Guinea can now also join a tour to visit the start points (Poppendetta or Owers Corner) – perfect for those who want to experience Kokoda without needing to complete the full trek.

Fly to: Poppendetta or Port Moresby
See Kokoda Track Authority for a full listing of trek operators