Why Papua New Guinea?

Papua New Guinea, despite being our closest neighbour, is probably the country most Australians know least about. It’s a mysterious, untouched and mostly unexplored country, and that’s why many people love it. The level of authentic cultural experiences you can have in Papua New Guinea is probably unmatched anywhere in the world. And because the country isn’t on the beaten path of mass tourism, the natural environment remains pristine and absolutely stunning. The country has so much untapped potential to become more of an adventure and culture bucket list destination.

Papua New Guinea means different things to different people. For some, it’s the Earth’s final frontier, where you can have authentic interactions with tribespeople whose cultural traditions remain intact. For others, it’s the ultimate adventure destination, home to the highest mountain in Oceania (one of the 7 summits) and an array of incredible treks. It’s also known as one of the world’s top diving, surfing and fishing destinations, mostly due to its pristine waterways. And then, of course, there is the role the country played in helping to defend Australia during WWII, and the ritual of Aussies retracing the steps of the diggers, including trekking Kokoda.

In terms of cost, PNG is not a particularly cheap holiday, but that helps to stop it becoming the next Bali. A trip to PNG is more akin to travelling to remote parts of South America, Africa or Central Asia – not cheap, but rich in cultural experiences and natural beauty; an adventure unlike anywhere else. But, you also walk away feeling like every dollar was so well spent.

When borders open and people are looking for trips with more substance and meaning than ever before, we would love for you to think of Papua New Guinea. To think of being the only boat out on the water that day, to think of the rich culture that is here on your doorstep and to think of the private islands to explore. When borders open and our restless feet start to wander once again, we would love for you to reach for the remote.